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I posted an ad in a local singles group saying that if people were interested then they should message me.

It’s getting replies, which is awesome, but I specified an age range for a reason, and now there’s a reply from a guy is is well outside that range, in fact being older than my Dad, which ‘ewww! I want to throw a page out to Sexy Typewriter, because I think she’s probably put a lot of thought into this question, but here are my personal guidelines for handling online dating responses.

This is helpful in sorting out the Many Boring Not-For-You Dudes Who Just Write “Hi, what’s up?

” or some equivalent, and it is also helpful in dealing with people who seem way needy or off in some way. Why would you engage with someone just to say “Hey, no thanks?

” But then, when someone really takes time to craft something in response, like, you can see they’ve read your profile carefully and they are really trying to start a conversation about something, and you can tell they are kind (but not for you), I think it is worth it to say “.” If they get mad like “WHY DID YOU WRITE BACK THEN, YOU BIG MEANPANTS YOU ARE LIKE ALL BITCHEZ?

” and stomp about, well, at least you tried to make the world a better place.

And suggesting an invasive warrantless search LOL is your way of breaking the ice LOL seems very presumptuous LOL? Should I have been kinder or not replied at all instead of taking an easy swipe at someone who was just being genuine about expressing his desires? Did I violate my own guidelines in the middle of writing a post about those guidelines? Trust your instincts about who is a good fit for you and who interests you and ignore the rest.