Online dating without pictures of cats

First of all-a new potential luurvr doesn't want to hear about something you still have from an ex. Then you remember you need to clean out the litter box. Cat dander is the most common allergen (according to the asthma and allergy foundation) and over 10 million people are allergic to cats. Limiting your dating options by millions there guys. If it was a gift from your ex-especially if it was a gift from your ex.

What compounds this is the old "I have a cat because it was my ex-girlfriend/wive/booty call's cat and I couldn't let it live with her." Really? So, without further ado, my list of reasons why a Single Guy Should Not Own A Cat**: 10. Let's say you want to invite your paramour back to your place.

Guys wonder why they're single, not getting any, having trouble in the relationship department etc...then they start talking about their cat. Call me sexist or say it's a double standard but single guys who have cats just don't appeal to me in a manly sense. Women are more dominant in some ways than men and men are more afraid of their feelings than women. So now men have cats which used to be a single woman stereotype and hallmark. It makes us wonder if you're not responsible enough for a dog. If you must have a furry feline-you should clean up after it. It makes us think of icky dead mice and it's not sexy.

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Sorry-not hating on cat lovers but facts are facts. They make you look like a serial killer in your online dating profile if you have more than one, maybe two, pictures of the cat. Ever notice that guys reluctantly admit they have a cat followed by a story of why they have one in the first place? We don't need a sob story of your ex left it and can't have one at their new place.

Especially seeing that it's a constant reminder of this person. My favorite was when a guy I was dating in college said that he couldn't trust his ex wife to take care of the cats. Nothing kills romance more than kitty litter issues.

One guy I dated-his cat would WALK on my head on the back of the couch.

Full disclosure: I'm terribly allergic to cats and have dated guys who have used every excuse as to why they own a cat and blame it on their ex.

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