Online sexual fantasy story

For example, women in prison films may be described as sexual fantasies, as are pornographic films.In the case of films, the term may describe a part of the film, such as a fantasy scene or sequence.Besides pornographic films, a number of mainstream films have included sexual fantasy scenes, such as Business Is Business (1971), Amarcord (1973), American Beauty (1999) and others.

You are a very horny Nannny spending her nights alone in bed after tutoring a hot college co-ed.

Spending your nights thinking about your student when she suddenly comes into your room and begins to fondle, and lick you all over.

Control what you want done to you but is it a dream or is it real??

A sexual fantasy resides entirely in a person's mind and can be created by the person's imagination, mental recollection or thought.

A fantasy may be triggered autonomously or by any object or medium.