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As the talk about how difficult it is for Black women to date continues, blog "Freakonomics" is chiming in on the conversation, examining our chances of finding a match on the Web.The post explores the response-rate, from men of all races, to messages sent by Black women on the popular online dating site

It's disappointing that men who would be open-minded enough to look online for love would not be open enough to communicate with women of all races.

However, it would be even more upsetting if this information discouraged Black women who are new to online dating from sending e-mails to people for fear of a non-reply.

Let's not jump to the conclusion that just because men on this one dating site respond less to Black women that men on dating sites are similarly inclined.

There are other online dating sites where we might be in higher demand--like Black People and Interracial

Oftentimes men from all races join Black dating sites to meet single Black women.