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The mark consists of the wording "biglove" in stylized font below a partially-shaded heart design comprising curved lines that separate the heart into three parts whereby shaded lines are shown in the middle section of the heart.

La marca consiste del extremo derecho de un calzado deportivo color anaranjado y suela y cordón de amarrar blanco el cual recorre por el lado del calzado.

The mark consists of the words “DRHangover{PR}” written in a stylized font.

The abbreviations “DR” and “{PR}" are in color red and the word “Hangover” is in gray color.

Below the words “DRHangover{PR}” appear in red stylized font the words “by APD Medical Services, PSC.” Above the words “DRHangover{PR}” appears the graphical representation an intravenous bag packaging in white color and gray shades.

Inside the intravenous bag packaging appears the letter “APD” in red color below a red cross.

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