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Fires during the winter not only prevent darkness from killing you but also prevents freezing to death. Bees may seem harmless enough but their hidden power lies beyond the single stinger.

In the beginning of the game you aren’t told anything, aren’t shown any hints or tutorials, you are simple dropped into the world and expected to stay alive how ever you make that possible.

When I first played Don’t Starve, I learned the hard way how the mechanics worked.

I died the first night from darkness, I didn’t gather enough wood to make it through the night.

The second time I died from a killer bee and the third time I survived 6 days before I died from starvation waiting for my food to cook in my crock pot.

One of only a few issues I had with Don’t Starve are still present in Don’t Starve Together, but mainly due to the type of game it is, and what it is attempting to accomplish.