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Users are asked to outline their views on social, economic and foreign policy issues when they sign up. According to Fondrier, the Blue State Date and Red State Date are intended to stymie political disagreements before they even start.

“While, for many people, it’s not a make-or-break issue at the beginning, it can very well evolve into one if you hide or suppress your political values until later on in the relationship," he told Politico.

In promotional videos for each site (watch below), a young liberal woman and a young conservative man are shocked and appalled to to learn that the person they've been flirting with holds contrary political views.

In the Red State version, a young conservative man begins to weep when he learns that the girl he hit it off with committed such cardinal sins as spending the last three years working for Green Peace, having a soy Thanksgiving turkey and (gasp! In the Blue State version, the young liberal woman is aghast to discover that the man who caught her eye carries a gun in his pocket and has a photo of Sarah Palin as his phone background.

Sites like Red State Date and Blue State Date may not do anything to lessen the United States' political divide, but some see the logic in dating someone with similar politics.


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