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With a daily audience of more than eight million people, his gentle burr and easy humour have made Ken Bruce a lynchpin of morning radio.

Celebrating 30 years at Radio 2, the DJ nonetheless fears 2015 could be his last – if social media has its wicked way.

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“Back in the day, not many people would take the trouble to sit down and write to you in green ink, whereas now you can get a Twitter storm about almost anything.

“A pressure group tried to get one started against me once over a flippant remark about badgers.

They were campaigning, saying whatever I’d said – I honestly can’t remember what it was – was a disgrace.” Ken, 64, adds: “For a moment, I could see a danger, with people calling for my head, wanting me sacked.

“I’m aware that something could happen tomorrow that might put me in danger job-wise, and it does make me sad.

“If I was a Member of Parliament, then yes, quite right, but I’m not – I’m an entertainment presenter on Radio 2.” And entertain he does.