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Before Yod met his first “spiritual father,” he was Jim Baker, a war hero and judo expert who had supposedly “killed two people with his bare hands” and successfully gotten away with bank robbery.

He divorced his first, secular wife and embarked on his spiritual journey (with a pit stop to try his hand at being a stuntman), marrying Robin.

After a brief period of marital bliss, Yod informed Robin that he intended to take additional wives (no big deal, just like 13 of them) from within the commune, which, as you can imagine, didn’t sit very well with his other kaftan-wearing half.

is anything but cynical, yet Robin’s story, as told through footage of her idyllic wedding to Yod (visibly grimacing as he made his new bride Makushla his favorite mother/angel) and contemporary interviews, during which she clutches a framed photo of Yod, anchors the Source saga in reality.

Robin’s experience was different than that of the others: Even Magus (middle name “The”) Aquarian, whose son’s ear infection caused him to split from the group in pursuit of forbidden antibiotics, has peacefully accepted these years as a kind of gleeful, regretless ’70s romp.


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