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Few subjects in Christianity have inspired artists as much as the last judgment.

Last Judgment Iconography in the Carpathians examines images of the last judgment from the fifteenth century to the present in the Carpathian mountain region of Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania, as a way to consider history free from the traditional frameworks and narratives of nations.

Over ten years, John-Paul Himka studied last-judgment images throughout the Carpathians and found a distinctive and...title = {Arhangheli şi îngeri}, author = {Andrei Pleşu, Alexandru Mihăilă, Bogdan Tătaru-Cazaban, Vlad Bedros, Ovidiu Victor Olar, Mihail Neamţu}, publisher = {Editura Deisis/Stavropoleos}, isbn = {978-973-7859-76-1}, year = {2011}, series = {}, edition = {1st edition}Titlu: Arhangheli si îngeri Anul aparitiei: 2011, coeditare Deisis/Stavropoleos Pagini: 168 (format: 17×24 cm), cu ilustratii color ISBN: 978-973-7859-76-1Table of...

Examining how God and eventually Christ are portrayed in early Christian art, Jensen explores questions of the relationship between art and theology, conflicts over idolatry and iconography, and how the Christological controversies affected the portrayals of Christ.

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