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The earliest example could be seen on the broadcast of the Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia (TPI), in the series of (God-given Fate).I say the earliest, mid-March 2005, as these programs would prove to be a trend-setter, or a point of reference for the other television stations in producing and making programs of the so-called religion, or religious, cinema.

The village paramedic—representative of the medicinal world—was unable to heal the wound.

The decaying wound that disturbed the village community could only be cured by a concoction of herbs that had been mixed and given blessings and prayers by a religious leader.

Not only did the stench then disappear, but the wound that had eroded his stomach and provided for scores of maggots also completely healed.

Cured, too, were all his culpable, wicked acts for which he had been known, because the man now turned pious—as his act of penitence.

To put it simply, the narrative weaving is thus: evil powers will perish if one fights it with virtuous powers, which are depicted by means of such figures as religious leaders or ulemas, citing holy Koran verses.