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They get wrapped up in making sure that everything is okay with their own section instead of making sure that every guest is taken well care of. Being a server sucks no matter where you do it, so it's better to do it somewhere that will train you right and teach you every little detail so you don't just get thrown out there and sound like an idiot.

Pros I absolutely loved the organization of training there. I worked there for over a year and I can't say enough good things about the management I worked under.

The higher management also stopped in every once in awhile and new the servers names and stuck around long enough to get to know people which made it a more comfortable atmosphere.

It's a fun environment of you work with the right people. I worked at the Tyler location and it's not listed here.

The BEST thing about this serving job compared to others is that there is no side work and everyone takes great care of each other... But they were awesome and highly doubt the others are different.


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