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There are so many apps for “encounters” and one-night stands, and this is what I’ve focused on staying away from.The casualness is cool, but it doesn’t allow for a dating life.We all deserve to be loved sexually and emotionally and the truth is, it’s hard to find that!

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It smelled like department store perfume and old clothes.

I had to go through a bunch of emotions before I could finally end up at my current state of being not at all worried about my perpetual singleness.

Those emotions look strangely like the traditional stages of grief.

Mench'd, created by Justin Maxx, seeks to redefine the way gay men use online "dating" apps in order to make connections by setting a precedent for users: This app is exclusively for men seeking long-term romantic relationships. Many gay men have vocalized shared frustrations over interactions and connections established through Grindr or other location-based gay "dating" apps.

Many think that this way of connecting negatively affects one's chances of finding and sustaining a lasting connection.