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Men who run long distances tend to be fitter, have a strong sex drive and higher sperm count, and attract women more easily, a study found.

The team, from Cambridge and University College London, analysed 542 runners at the 2013 Robin Hood half marathon in Nottingham by photocopying hands and taking run times and other key details just after runners crossed the line.

Issue(s): Uncanny X-Men #174, Uncanny X-Men #175Cover Date: Oct-Nov 83Title: "Romances" / "Phoenix!

"Credits: Chris Claremont - Writer Paul Smith / Paul Smith & John Romita Jr.

- Penciler Bob Wiacek / Bob Wiacek & Paul Smith - Inker Eliot Brown - Assistant Editor Louise Simonson - Editor Review/plot: UHBMCC: "The Official Marvel Index to the X-Men (II) #3 adds P. The last 8 pages of issue #175 start John Romita Jr's run on Uncanny. We start with Scott's dad and his randy skunk-woman girlfriend catching them making out: Rogue moves in to Jean Grey's old room and Nightcrawler explains to her who Jean was.

And it's very possible that the idea was to purge Scott's obsession with Jean's death, to allow him to move forward, by bringing those issues to the forefront.