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, tweeted last week that he’s working with Storyville Entertainment on a potential TV show.

I asked him if it was about his work, and he said yes.

I didn’t want to press or pry too much at such an early stage, so it’s not clear yet if this would be a reality series starring him and following along with his investigations or if it would be a dramatic program based on or inspired by past stories from his career. Parker really stole the show in the last act of , and a number of fans have called for a spin-off documentary feature solely focused on him. It’s surprising that more documentary subjects don’t break out and become stars of their own reality series. We can look to any list of the greatest documentary characters of all time to see who else could be worthy, though many of the truly best (the Beales; Timothy Treadwell) are unfortunately no longer living.

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Scared straight 1978 online dating

The Fifties-style rock and roll group hadn’t even recorded a single before they showed up in front of 400,000 people as the penultimate act ahead of Jimi Hendrix.

But through the concert and then the live album and then the film, they became huge stars.

Life magazine even held them accountable for the oldies nostalgia trend of the 1970s.

As a screen presence, their very brief appearance in (nearly missed by the sleeping film crew, apparently), is said to have been the main reason they eventually got their own show in 1977.

It was a variety show, so not quite reality based, but it did feature “live” performances by them and guests.