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If your client computers are pointed to the WSUS server and you do not see the WSUS client user interface shown above, see the next section. For this reason, you must have a Web site running on port 80, even if you put the WSUS Web site on a custom port.

The Web site on port 80 does not have to be dedicated to WSUS.

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After that you should run the WSUS script that ensures a proper configuration of self-update on port 80.

Open a command window on the WSUS server and type the following: cscript Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.6 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1996-2001. Setup Selfupdate Tree: Finding the index of the Web site on which WUS is installed...

Setup Selfupdate Tree: Leaving Get WUSWeb Site Index.

Setup Selfupdate Tree: Finding the index of the web site bound to port 80... \system32\Log Files\W3SVC1 for the default Web site.

To accomplish client self-update, WSUS Setup creates a virtual directory under the WSUS Web site named Selfupdate.