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During the course of his career, he has confronted the multi-faceted challenges faced by operations executives in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, coupled with more than two decades’ work in the high-level practice of law.

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For larger engagements, we have access to a network of additional skilled advisors, ready to provide both subject matter expertise and heavy-lifting personpower, to ensure that our clients’ problems always receive the effective representation they need and deserve.

At Silvershift®, we strive to address the practical business needs of entrepreneurial clients, both individual and corporate, and both large and small, by providing the maximum value for the fewest dollars.

We are committed to providing consulting services and achieving results that are both fairly priced and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Services – Consulting Entrepreneurship: Silvershift® provides both the budding and the experienced entrepreneur with business consulting and counseling, funding knowhow and other advice relating to every aspect of starting, operating and growing a business and the steps necessary to finance it.

Intellectual Asset Management: Silvershift® has practiced Intellectual Asset Management since before it was called that.