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She said: “All I knew of my heritage was that I was Romanian and Dominique was also Romanian.We have the same features and spunky personalities.I was just drawn to her." Inspired, Jen entered gymnastics and tumbling competitions and found she had a natural ability.

However, in her teens she began to wonder about her birth family and right before her sixteenth birthday she asked Sharon for more information.

Jen said: "I wasn’t expecting her to say yes because we’ve always been very open in our family but to my surprise she pulled out a folder of papers.

“She handed a document and said, 'You’re never going to believe this, but your biological last name is Moceanu.' "As soon as the words left her lips, I knew what it meant; my childhood idol was my sister.” It was four years before Jen wrote to Dominique to introduce herself and see whether her biological family knew of her existence.

Jen said: "Just before Christmas, 2007, when I was 21, I opened up a letter and I saw a card fall out and it was from Dominique.

"I saw her signature and it was just the most amazing feeling.


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