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The sexy girl you have selected will stand beside you and watch your performance.

Every time you catch twenty bottles of beer, the girl will take off one of her clothes.

But once you miss three bottles of beer in total, the game is over.

Sport Billard, Bowling, Dart, Baseball, Javelin Throw, Skiiing and Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Air Hokey, Long Jump, Soccer, Volley Ball, Basketball, Golf, American Football, Surfing, Hang Gliding, Ice Skating, Wrestling, Diving, Ping Pong, Tennis, Other Sport Games You are a miner who was working as usual in the mine. You are captured in your goldmine and the walls get nearer very fast.

Try to destroy the wall and collect all jewels and gold by hitting them with your mattock. Play now Nothing enchants you more than these shiny rocks of gold!! Play now The legendary Mahjongg game of removing identical blocks with multiple levels of difficulty ranging from Dream Easy to the unbeatable Ninja.


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