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Here’s a shot of a 5th SBCT Joe wearing the tactical accessory pouch in UCP-D: All Soldiers who were issued the UCP-D uniforms (and the MC ones for that matter) will be required to submit feedback on the effectiveness of the pattern in their AO.So now it looks as if the Army is getting a lot more bang for its buck on their Af-Cam evaluation that they might have planned.I did not think golf legend/American hero/style icon John Daly could possibly outdo himself in the wardrobe department after sporting those amazing Spongebob Squarepants pants on Wednesday for a practice round ahead of the 2014 British Open. Today, on Day 2 of The Open Championships, John Daly is out there rocking some crazy brown, orange, beige, and pink pants that make Rickie Fowler look like an accountant. That’s the joke I was going for there.) Anyway, from a distance, Daly’s pants just look like some kind of post-modern camouflage.

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And depending on your point of view, these are either a new high or a new low for golfing attire. I say it’s a new high, because I think every pro golfer should wear pimp pajamas.

Rafael Marquez Hey Moty Hadassi, first we have to find out the date of this red moon, I'm not quite sure, but I believe there were 2 blood moons last yr.

1 on Passover, 2nd on Pentecost, anyway Pastor John Hagee has a book on the blood moons, for example in the Jewish calendar this is the month of Elul, so it's all according to God's calendar, not ours see ya William Garayua Dear Steve John Son; Im afraid that That Beautiful Blood Moon cannot be enjoyed any better than from any of the Valleys and Mountains that The children of ISRAEL had since thousands of years of recorded history.

* Well it doesnt MATTER from what territory one observes beautiness... If anyone have anything to said about occupied territories, there is a lot to said about a VIOLENT political system that came out from Arabia to steal lands on middle east, asia, and africa for a global killaphate; Is that a real concern or is the beautiful Blood Moon as seen from ISRAEL for thousands of years?

New Tel Aviv University study on mice finds combo of genetic therapy with chemotherapy sent to the primary tumor “extremely effective” in preventing breast cancer metastasis — its ability to spread to other organs.


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    Be open-minded and smile -- your smile is your calling card. Look up when you are out walking in the street or at the bank or Starbucks.

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