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It followed the same style as their other earlier videos, featuring the duo lip-synching the original English theme song for the Pokémon anime.

However, the video instantly became much more popular than any of their other videos; over the course of its lifetime, it gained over 24 million views, becoming the most-viewed video on all of You Tube at that time.

Due to the channel's continued success, and Smosh's partnership with You Tube, the two recreated the video in November 2010, this time changing the words to be critical of The Pokémon Company taking down the Pokémon theme video.

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In January 2010, Smosh launched the "Smosh Pit" feature, a blog that consists of various pieces of pop-culture trivia, and written comedy.

In addition, 2010 saw the channel launch 3 different Smosh-based web series: Ian Is Bored, which started as a collection of comedic videos by Hecox, but then turned into both Hecox and Padilla making vlog like videos, and renamed Smosh Is Bored; Ask Charlie, where people ask Charlie, from their January 2010 Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig video, random questions; and Lunchtime with Smosh, a comedy series featuring Smosh getting and eating food from various places, and answering Twitter questions from their fans on Twitter.

Some of Smosh's most popular video series include Pokémon in Real Life and If ____ Was Real.

Also in early 2010, Smosh created the "i Shut Up App" for Android phones as part of a Google sponsorship; it eventually made its way to the i Tunes app store. In 2012, the duo started three new You Tube channels, El Smosh, with Smosh videos dubbed in Spanish, Shut Up!

Cartoons, with various animated videos, and Smosh Games, with gaming related content hosted alongside Mari Takahashi, David "Lasercorn" Moss, Matthew Sohinki, and Joshua "Jovenshire" Ovenshire.


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