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It is 1.5 Inches in diameter, and 0.33 Inches thick and the top is made of blue translucent enamel. Thank acquired this musical compact and wondered if anybody could give me any information about its please?

Under the enamel there is what looks like an Egyptian desert scene with a palm tree, the moon and a pyramid. It is a round musical compact, more like a trinket box. There is inscribed on the rim of the mirror "Made in Great Britain".

The top is magnetic but the base is not magnetic and looks like brass. There is a sticker on the mirror that says "Thorens.... On the engine turned base there are 3 bun feet and of course the winding key.

I have looked on the Kigu website and can't see this particular compact on there.

There is no Kigu mark but it does appear similar to other designs.

The overall design makes me think it was produced in the 50s, but the musical instruments engraved on the top may have been popular in the 30s?

I have purchased the compact for a friends birthday present, so any information I can receive to pass on to her would be great.

I came across this compact and wondered if anyone can shed any light on the style and age of it.