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“sugardaddy” which is known as the largest sugar daddy dating site , points in a recent survey that 3.86 people in every 100 adult male becomes “sugar daddy”.Vancouver becomes the capital of sugar daddies, followed by Toronto & Edmonton which have respectively 2.90 people and 2.39 people.

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We also learned that the average age of canadian sugar daddy are 40 years, their yearly incomes are 247,757 canadian dollars. Most sugar daddies are straight gentle men, while, there are also sugar mommy who are seeking male partners or the homesexual personals.

The founder and CEO of this website doesn't agree that "sugar daddy" and "sugar baby" relationship pattern is a kind of prostitution which agreed by two sides.

He said, every sugar baby can enjoy the cared and spoiled life style but the prostitude has to make love with every brothel frequenter. He meet his wife after she joined this site as a "sugar baby".

He said, this website pay much attention to the truth.

All member will show clearly that what kind of relationship they want.