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Then a new set of realities rapidly replaced those dreams I had in the past.Its fair to say that I wasn’t pregnant the minute I step into this country, yet the moment it happened lots of things had changed in my and my new husband’s lives that made the last period of my pregnancy and early months after birth ones to be remembered.In an older post about loneliness as an expat I said: , and by this I meant specifically this particular period in my life in this country.

At the moment it happened to me I couldn’t find any of these facts around, reason why I expect to make them available to someone going through the same I lived a while ago.

In case you are interested in knowing the details of my journey follow the post all along, where some of the most relevant issues of motherhood as an expat are explore. Day by day a bunch of new experiences appear as the belly grows, your body changes and you are beginning to build up a forever relationship with that baby you haven’t even met.

But in case you just need some practical information and you want to skip my story (which I will perfectly understand) go to the end of the post where a list of things to consider can be found. I’m not mistaken by saying that for many women pregnancy is one of the most amazing experiences in their entire lives. However, I will also not be mistaken by saying that this period might not be one of the most remarkable experiences for some others…

specially since all of these changes aren’t always nice, easy or delightful.

Meaning that for some moms-to-be all this comes with sickness, adverse effects and a daily rollercoaster of emotions that range from mixes of crying-happiness and/or anger-loneliness. As stated in my first post in this blog, since I was quite young I dreamt about the day I was going to be experiencing all the ‘wonders’ of motherhood.