The moment same-sex marriage became legal in new zealand

It is true that demeaning insults were once part of the stock language against the entire LGBTI community in the public square.

I can only imagine the damage that did to young (and old) people wrestling with their sexuality.

The moment same-sex marriage became legal in new zealand

It was the ascendency of Christianity in the West by the sixth century that brought all same-sex relationships, not just same-sex marriage, under a cloud of judgment.

The argument was a simple extension of the classical, or Greek and Roman, argument: "Nature" (Christians said "God") had endowed just one human bond with the miraculous power to create and nurture their own offspring for the good of society.

This unique bond deserved its own name: "Marriage."It cannot really be doubted that this classical argument in favour of heterosexual monogamy as a strict norm led to all manner of despicable language and actions against those who didn't "fit".

Thousands of lives through history must have existed in fearful turmoil at the prospect of being exposed as a "pervert".

The ire of the Christian-influenced world, and especially of Mother Church, would have been terrifying.


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