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It blocks ads, nasty pop-ups and protects your online privacy. If you see a bug or error, please i haven't watched this film since it came out and forgot just how good it was, and now almost 20 years later it is even better.

barry levinson really knocked me out, not to mention the cast, writing, and producing. It shows that if you have the power, you have the ability to hide any truth.

the bulls**t that passes for politics these days is all in this are sheep! the scenes with woody harrelson are just too hilarious.. is that how Iraq war started for the benefit of our former president? 9/10 Its very true that wars glorify men ambitions, and peace though very philosophical, tends to be portrayed as a cowardly act.

this film in it's own way is right up there with network. This is a great watch , and even though it came out in `98 it could very well be `08. The war has been an instrument of achieving senseless power, and peace denies this senseless struggle. Robert De Niro was as usual a class act, so was Dustin Hoffman.

After being caught in a scandalous situation days before the election, the president does not seem to have much of a chance of being re-elected.