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Bhikkhu Bodhi (born December 10, 1944), born Jeffrey Block, is an American Theravada Buddhist monk, ordained in Sri Lanka and currently teaching in the New York and New Jersey area. In 1972, he obtained a Ph D in philosophy from Claremont Graduate University. After living at Bodhi Monastery (Lafayette Township, New Jersey), he now lives and teaches at Chuang Yen Monastery (Carmel, New York), and is the president of the Buddhist Association of the United States.

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She had sketched that belt of fir-trees under almost every condition--with the evening sun behind them, standing blackly out against the warm crimson light; or later, when the day had left no more than a faint opal glimmer in the western sky; later still, in the fair summer moonlight, or en a blusterous autumn afternoon, tossed by the pitiless wind.

I have seen him, as Gloriana saw him for the first time, in rags that might provoke the scorn of Lazarus.

Test D: arithmetic skills, form S--advanced battery--grades 5 Pushpam has given one answer.

The distance they had now brought me was about four hundred miles.

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