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We continued our conversation about The Procession of the Equinoxes.We are currently in the transition period of leaving the old Kali Yuga, the Age of Darkness (also called The Age of Iron) and moving into the Age of Aquarius, also known as the Age of Enlightenment.Moving" successfully" into the Age of Enlightenment is not guaranteed! Truth And Art is part of the growing, counter-media.

The government told Judyth that they wanted to help her with her research, but the lied. Morningstar Topic: The 2016 Presidential Horse Race - A Field of Stallions or NAGS?

They didn't want Judyth to find a cure, they wanted her to create the worlds most viscous cancer to be used as a bio weapon against Fidel Castro. Robert and I talked about some of the dark sides of what is arguably the most interesting America presidential election season in our history.

As Fate would have it, the paths of Judyth Vary Baker and Lee Harvey Oswald would cross. The "Political-Media Complex" is at WAR with only one candidate - Donald Trump.

And the Lee Oswald that Judyth became friends with, and later fell in love with, was a VERY different person than the man we were all told about. No, he was absolutely truthful when he said, “I'm just a patsy.” Judyth Vary Baker kept her story TO HERSELF for over 35 years and didn't start talking about the man she knew, and what went on back then, until the late 1990s. So much for "fair and balanced." We also talked about Bernie Sanders, the open Socialist/Communist candidate.

And then there are the strange case aspects of Ted Cruz's citizenship and his father's CIA/Oswald/Bush the Elder.