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And, along with the growing tribe of cheating spouses, there are some partners who remain blissfully unaware of any damage to their marriage.

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Mrs and Mr Shah were the most perfect couple; they made the most brilliant hosts at parties and seemed inseparable.

Later, the husband was seen romancing Nirali in another city.

He reasoned, "I love my wife, but since we have been married for so long, I am a bit bored and need that excitement. I love it when she accompanies me on an official trip as we can spend time exclusively.

I am enjoying it while it lasts." Expert speak Psychiatrist Dr Himanshu Saxena believes males by nature are polygamous.

'Sex is wilder and more exciting with a stranger," shares Krishna. Says socialite Sonu Wassan, "To bring back the spark in the marriage, an affair can act as a catalyst." Adds Arjun Sawhney, who runs a PR firm, "Humans are not monogamous, so if you feel it's fine and your partner is okay with it, go for it.