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Many of the booths even have coupons redeemable for additional freebies.

Each attendee is guaranteed to end up with loads of free makeup and makeup tools –some of which haven’t even officially been released yet! Get A Free Beauty Makeover Even though freebies are fun, each beauty booth has WAY more to offer.

Representatives from each company will give complimentary makeovers, color matches, hairdos, and manicures! High temps, sunny skies, and outdoor adventures all equal one thing: sweat!

There are also extra prizes offered (think tote bags and full-sized palettes) for those who participate in Twitter and Instagram posts. Make A Plan Of Attack When you arrive, take a moment to look at the schedule before wandering around so you don’t miss out on seeing your favorite stylists at a Q&A or workshop! As blissful as the last days of summer are, they can wreak havoc on your makeup. Prevent your makeup from melting off in the summer heat with an oil-free primer.

There is so much to see and do, and taking a hot five to ten minutes to plan your first day will help you get the most out of your #Genbeauty experience. #Gen Beauty is VERY active on social media and you may get promo alerts and contests you can enter during the event. Luckily, with these steps to beat the summer heat, it’s easy to keep your makeup from melting away! There’s a TON of great primer options out there, so definitely try out a few until you find the best fit for your skin type!