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When you think of New York City’s comedy scene, especially with its over-saturation of stand-up, you might think that in order to call yourself a “comedian,” you’d have to slay nightly at posh bars and clubs with two-drink minimums and have already appeared on Comedy Central special or made the late-night talk show rounds.You might think you’d have to be a standing member of a house improve team, sending out regular Facebook invites to your friends to see your upcoming show at the Pit, the Magnet, or UCB.

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, web series have gone from forgotten footage of comedians before they were famous to a legitimate leg up for long form deals.

Every Thursday for the last year, Decider has spotlighted a different web series in our recurring Afternoon Delight column.

These productions range in content, budget, duration, and the size of their following, but many of the most watchable (and successful) share common ground in their comedy roots: the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

First founded as an improv and sketch group by members Matt Besser, Adam Mc Kay, Ian Roberts, Rick Roman, and Horatio Sanz, Upright Citizens Brigade originated in the Chicago improv scene before heading to New York in 1996.

The four members most associated with the group are Besser, Roberts, Matt Walsh, and Amy Poehler, who starred on the Comedy Central sketch program from 1998 to 2000.