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As the director, you have a suite of camera controls and lighting to view any of the nasty activities within the game and environments from all viewing angles and with any level of light from natural to dark spotlight scenes.

[ DOWNLOAD NOW ]In the Wasteland3D game and virtual world, you can earn and spend virtual money by making your models have orgasms, reach new pleasure & pain thresholds and other sex play within the game.

Show off your sexual prowess thru amassing the biggest collection of sex toys, gear and playmates. Make your sexual avatars look how you want, do what you want sexually and enjoy the most painfully realistic BDSM virtual sex experience possible.

The environments include everything from bedrooms and bathrooms, to the dungeons, on a plane, in the locker room and more.

[ DOWNLOAD NOW ] Wasteland3D is the world’s most interactive BDSM game experience.

When you watch porn, you watch what has already happened.

When you play in our virtual game and world, you view events and display of sexuality that you specifically want to see happen.

Maybe the women should be flogged with a different whip?


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