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Ducat expresses a similar view, that these myths express the threat sexual intercourse poses for men who, although entering triumphantly, always leave diminished.In rare instances, dermoid cysts (a type of tumor) may grow in the vagina.Dermoid cysts are formed from the outer layers of embryonic skin cells.

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However, when dermoid cysts occur in the vagina, they are covered by a layer of normal vaginal tissue and therefore appear as a lump, not as recognizable teeth.

The history of the United States from 1964 through 1980 includes the climax and victory of the Civil Rights Movement; the escalation and ending of the Vietnam War; the drama of a generational revolt with its sexual freedoms and use of drugs; and the continuation of the Cold War, with its Space Race to put a man on the Moon.

The economy was prosperous until the early 1970s, then faltered under new foreign competition and high oil prices.

By 1980 and the seizure of the American Embassy in Iran, there was a growing sense of national malaise.

This period is closed by the victory of conservative Republican Ronald Reagan, opening the "Age of Reagan" with a dramatic change in national direction.