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It is a bit soon to let you know about details, but we are so hyped that we couldn’t wait!

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Time to update you in what’s going on in Killmonday Games and our future plans!

We have started our new game called Different Galaxy! And with it, a new webserie about the development behind it.

We will document the process of making the demo for our future kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to pay our awesome voice actors, translators, a sound person and one additional animator. We always love to challenge ourselves in what we do, so we have chosen to try out Unity for this adventure, and we hope to be able to launch the game on the consoles as well as PC.

The video series will also be for our own personal sake, to behold when we have released the game in like 3 years (estimated time! The prototyping is already going well, Isak is learning C# like a mad nerd and Natalia is drawing in 4k, so you can get maximum immersion.

The game itself will be an adventure game where we are trying out a different approach to the gameplay. Keep track on Different Galaxy and how’s it going here The last development update video of Fran Bow!


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