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If you choose to stand and fight, you’ll have to rely on whatever scarce ammo you can find for your zombie-attracting firearms, or – more often than not – try to club zombies to death with a cricket bat.

Dying replaces your character with a new one who then has to fight your zombified previous incarnation in order to retrieve whatever you were carrying before you died. It’s a tense experience, something the developers took to heart while bringing Zombi to other platforms.

“We knew from the beginning that maintaining the tension and feel of the original was one of the main challenges, as the way Zombi U was presented on Wii U cannot be reproduced,” says Hélène Henry, Zombi’s producer.

While the minimap (which formerly required players to glance down at the Wii U gamepad) has been moved onto the main screen, “We maintain a minimal HUD as much as possible,” Henry says.

In fact, a lot of the fear in Zombi U comes from having to look away from the screen to manage your inventory, knowing full well that zombies might be closing in on you while you’re distracted – something other platforms can’t quite replicate.


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